Cindy Sherman with parrot

Cindy Sherman for Louis Vuitton  for the Celebrating Monogram project.

Cindy Sherman for Architectural Digest
Cindy Sherman with her parrot, Mister Frieda, at the 19th-century farmhouse she renovated with designer Billy Cotton in East Hampton, New York.

Conservation International: Blue Macaw

“If man needed the blue macaw’s meat would they be endangered? When there is an economical interest, people find a solution. Help Conservation International to preserve several species in Brazil and around the world.”

Advertising Agency: Fischer America, Brazil

Divinópolis City Hall: Macaw Fish

“When you kill the river, fish are not the only casualties.
Help us save the Itapecerica River.”

Advertising Agency: Casablanca Comunicação, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Released: September 2013