Heys Parrot Spinner Luggage

Inspired by the fascinating plumage of exotic birds, the enlarged Parrot feather print adds a whole new flare of fashion to your luggage. The prints are protected by a glossy layer of clear coat which gives it its brilliant shine as well as providing another layer of protection. To provide further protection, a travel bag for EACH piece is included to keep them looking like new for many more travels to come.


Alison Catchlove's metal parrot sculptures

"I work mainly in metal using birds, animals, insects and plants as my subject matter and I often take my inspiration from children's stories, poems or illustrations. I want to create sculptures that are fun to look at so I try to give my work a sense of quirkiness often using bright colours or awkward poses to achieve this.
I cut all of my work from sheet metal using tin snips and a guillotine, then I hammer the pieces into shape and weld them together, before painting or varnishing the finished piece."

More photos: on Flickr

Parrot Tea Infuser

The parrot mesh ball tea infuser is the classic tea ball. The two inch strainer is perfect for single cups and small pots. Has a stainless steel design so it's machine washable and won't rust. The parrot will make you the most colorful cup in the room.

Tom Baker with parrots

"I interviewed this parrot for a part in Treasure Island!"
Picture © Reeltime Pictures

"The parrot has just said he loves me and that I can keep his tail feather."
Picture © Reeltime Pictures

Parrot illuminated wall art

"Parrot is illuminated wall art made for bird lovers, friends of the Caribbean, fans of Jimmy Buffett, and more! Put down those crackers and fruit loops, parrots may like to mimic but don't be fooled, they're counted amongst the most intelligent birds. This colorful design makes for great decor for any parrot lover!"

Winston Churchill with parrots

Sir Winston never 'owned' a macaw or a cockatoo but according to his daughter The Lady Soames, he did 'own' an African Grey Parrot during the mid to late 1930's. It is also stated that he kept a green budgie in his later life.

March 1946: British statesman Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) makes some chatty new friends during a visit to the home of Colonel Frank Clarke in Miami Beach, accompanied by his wife and daughter. The parrots were brought to Clarke's home from the Parrot Jungle after Churchill expressed an interest in the creatures. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The sulphur crested cockatoo with Sir Winston on the cover of this book 'Chasing Churchill' - The Travels of Winston Churchill, was a resident at 'Parrot Jungle', Miami, Florida, USA.