Wall&Decò Parrot Wallpaper

Funny parrots
designer:Talva Design 

designer: Giovanni Pagani

designer: Lorenzo De Grandis

Cindy Sherman with parrot

Cindy Sherman for Louis Vuitton  for the Celebrating Monogram project.

Cindy Sherman for Architectural Digest
Cindy Sherman with her parrot, Mister Frieda, at the 19th-century farmhouse she renovated with designer Billy Cotton in East Hampton, New York.

Conservation International: Blue Macaw

“If man needed the blue macaw’s meat would they be endangered? When there is an economical interest, people find a solution. Help Conservation International to preserve several species in Brazil and around the world.”

Advertising Agency: Fischer America, Brazil

Divinópolis City Hall: Macaw Fish

“When you kill the river, fish are not the only casualties.
Help us save the Itapecerica River.”

Advertising Agency: Casablanca Comunicação, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Released: September 2013