Talking Pierre the Parrot


How to Play:

✔ Talk to Pierre and he will repeat with a twist.
✔ Poke him in the head or belly and see what his reaction is.
✔ Poke him in the feet and enjoy his little cowboy dance.
✔ Tickle his head or body to make him happy.
✔ Press the Blender button to switch the blender on. Once the blender is making noise, Pierre cannot hear you anymore.
✔ Press the Tomato button to throw tomatoes at him.
✔ Press the Cracked Teacup button to see him throw stuff to the floor making lovely noise.
✔ Press the Water Faucet button to see Pierre start sprinkling water around the kitchen (in-app purcase required).
✔ Record & share videos.

Odd Bird Parrot Domino Jewelry

Odd Bird transforms ordinary little objects into pieces of unique jewellery. Inspired by game pieces & bric-a-brac, Odd Bird sets out to create mixed media jewellery that's decidedly quirky yet fun to wear. Odd Bird is for those who want to stand out form the flock!

The parrot images on the domino pieces are stamped and coloured all by hand before 3 coats of varnish are applied.

Jean Paul Gaultier Parrot Bolero

Photos from the exhibition: "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk"

The exhibition's various sections provide a thematic approach to the world of Jean Paul Gaultier, tracing the influences, from the streets of Paris to the world of science fiction, that have shaped the couturier's creative development.
This piece was from the "Urban Jungle" section.