Me and my pets

Kiwitan is the proud mother of an evil green chicken, Cocca, and of a dumb pigeon, Cindy. 

I love my feathered kids, they are lovely and they really make my days. 

Cindy (aka Cinderella) is the most playful and lively living thing I can imagine. She's also the biggest pest i've ever found. She can go on for hours bothering people and also animals. I got her thinking it was a cute baby african grey but she turned out to be an Aracuan Bird (if you don't know what it is check you tube!).
And Cocca - or Lady Cocca- (the italian name for Lady Cluck) arrived as a "surprise Christmas gift" and well, she's totally neurotic but she's so beautiful... I'm happy just looking at her. She may look like a sweet green fluffy angel but she's actually an F-16, so you better watch out and keep your fingers away from her. I hope she will accept the dull annoying little pigeon soon or later and that they will learn to live peacefully together. For now they just live together with some family drama once in a while. 

I rehomed a galah cockatoo, named Pinky, with just one eye and 7 lovebirds, they are not tamed but they are still a great company and lovely to watch since they sing and play all day long!

In case you didn't already realize it my parrots are my joy, my consolation and my obsession too. 

But I am not just a mother! I am the proud sister of the physical culturist Pepe, a black sausage obsessed with catching balls and of a cute blond briard named Gaucho. 
I am also an happy aunt: my sister became the mother of Q.B., the most black thing of the world, a Scottish Terrier that looks like a plush but thinks he is a macho dog. He's really adorable.

Oh and I dream of having an umbrella cockatoo, a persian cat and my own briard. And maybe 2 english lop bunnies. And a bearded collie. And a cute donkey. And a pot bellied pig. And some hens and roosters and a goose too. And a lot of free time to take care of them and a veeeery big house for all of them :)

This is my italian website dedicated to enrichment for parrot: you can find there many ideas and photos to enrich the daily life of your parrots!