Gillette Commercial (1950's)

Sharpie the Parrot - Reminiscent of the Jose Carioca parrot from the Disney Brazil Production, the Gillette Safety Razor Co. parrot hawked the Gillette Blue Blade razors during the 1950s over the repetitive jingles (by Scott-Textor's vocalist) of "How are ya fixed for blades?" and "Look Sharp! Feel Sharp! Be Sharp! Sharpie debuted in 1952 on the first World Series broadcast.

Sharpie originally appeared as a white-lined animated figure superimposed over black background and over the scenes of sports activities. Later, the line drawing was turned into fully animated 60-second commercials.

Sharpie also advertised boxing and other sporting events until 1960. The Sharpie the Parrot "How'r 'Ya Fixed?" advertising campaign was created by the Maxon, Inc., Agency.