Iphone Pocket Parrot App

Pocket parrot talks to you with hilarious and cute voice.

He is good looking pet and one of the smartest parrots that can learn his master's words.

He is good at amusing you and make you laugh.


Touch his head, he will repeat and learn what you talks to him.

Play the phonograph, he will dance with the music which you select.

Poke his belly, he will talk to you what he has learned.

Fondle his body, he will enjoy the pleasure.

Shake his house, he will yell and be frightened.

Let him fly up, but he may be tired.

Turn the light off, he will fell asleep.

When clock strikes on the hour, he will show funny gestures.

Put photo which you select in his house, he will like you more!

Anyway, he is talkative!

link: Pocket Parrot App on iTunes
link: Pocket Parrot Lite App on iTunes