Cranford (TV series)'s parrot

Cranford is a British television series directed by Simon Curtis and Steve Hudson. The teleplay by Heidi Thomas was adapted from three novellas by Elizabeth Gaskell published between 1849 and 1858: Cranford, My Lady Ludlow, and Mr Harrison's Confessions.

There's a wonderful story about the parrot. When we were doing post-production, I mentioned to Judi that we had to get the parrot back in the studio because we needed more parrot sounds in the scene where Miss Matty decides the parrot has to go. Judi said, "Oh, please let me be the parrot! I can do it! I'll audition for you now!" So she auditioned for the parrot. She was wonderful, and she became the parrot. She also told me, "I'll be cheaper than the parrot." (Return to Cranford - Interview with Sue Birtwistle, co-creator).