Dragonfly's Hyacinth macaw "Big Bird"

Dr. Joe Darrow is a recently widowed doctor. He is grieving due to the death of his pregnant wife in a Red Cross mission in Venezuela. Although being atheist, he began to believe that his dead wife wants to communicate with him, through her young patients in the Pediatrics of a Chicago hospital.

Big Bird (the Hyacinth macaw) was through a trainer, April, who found the bird and trained the bird. And it was a creation of our rewriter, David Seltzer, who was also the writer of "The Omen." And there were actually two birds, Elwood and Jake, they call them – they call them because of the "Blues Brothers" and they’re blue birds. And yes, they were quite interesting characters. (Tom Shadyac - Director of Dragonfly)

Gwyn: I think bald is sexy.
Joe Darrow: Really?
Gwyn: Yes.
Joe Darrow: I have a parrot that might turn you on.