Parrot and Monkey

Frida Kahlo - Self-portrait with Monkey and Parrot

Bike Poster – parrot and monkey, 1895

Adriaen van Utrecht  - Still life with fruits, vegetables, a monkey and a parrot in a garden, 1646
Melchior de Hondecoeter - A parrot, a Monkey and a Dog in a Landscape

Von Dahl - still life with parrot, monkey, fruit, peahen and pelican in an exterior setting

Clara Peeters - Apples, Cherries, Apricots And Other Fruit In A Basket, With Pears, Plums, Robins, A Woodpecker, A Parrot And A Monkey Eating Nuts, On A Table

Old illustration of a monkey and a parrot in the jungle.
Created by Bocourt and Dupre, published on Merveilles de la Nature, Bailliere et fils, Paris, 1878

Caspar Netscher - Lady with a Parrot and Gentleman with a Monkey, 1664

Tobias Stranover - Still Life with a Monkey, Jay and Parrot

Willy von Plessen - Still life with monkey and parrot, 1862

Walton Ford - The du pain au lait, 2011

Walton Ford - Man of the Woods, 2011

Walton Ford - Sensations of an Infant Heart, 1999

Walton Ford - Unnatural Composure, 2011

Walton Ford - The Scale of Nature, 2011

Walton Ford - His Supremacy, 2011

Walton Ford - Forever Afterward Chained, 2011

Monkey and Parrot Tin Mechanical Bank
Saalheimer & Strauss, Germany
Place a coin in position on top of the monkey’s tail and depress the lever. The monkey bends forward, the coin rolls down into the monkey’s hand, and the parrot opens his mouth. Release the lever, the monkey rises, tossing the coin around the track and into the parrot’s closing mouth.

Collier's magazine with Parrot and monkey on cover, 1942