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Photographer: Unknown

Photographer: Unknown

A woman attending a nightclub with a parrot.
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Date taken: June 1956
Photographer: Nat Farbman

Hollywood Writer Gene Fowler, with pet parrot Chester on his shoulder, smoking pipe while typing screenplay.
Location: Hollywood, CA, US
Date taken: November 1937
Photographer: Paul Dorsey

 Student with a parrot in english class, discussing Polly's speaking skills at Davenport high school.
Location: Davenport, IA, US
Date taken: November 1953
Photographer: Yale Joel


Photographer: Unknown

 Opera singer Luisa Tetrazzini, playing with her parrot.
Date taken: 1938

Priest blessing a parrot on St. Anthony the Abbott Day observed anually by blessing animals.
Location: Rome, Italy
Date taken: 1961
Photographer: David Lees

War And Conflict: US Marine sitting on ground & playing guitar as parrot sits on guitar's neck as fellow Marine sits beside him playing ukulele, while stationed in Nicaragua during change in government.
Location: Nicaragua
Date taken: 1927

Robert Newton (1 June 1905 – 25 March 1956) English stage and film actor.

People lining up at the polling booth.
Location: Trinidad, Jamaica
Date taken: March 1958
Photographer: Grey Villet

Comedian Jack Benny sitting in car and playing violin.
Location: CA, US
Date taken: 1947
Photographer: Bob Landry

Chair designed by Verner Panton made of steel wire and stretch fabric.
Date taken: 1962
Photographer: Yale Joel

photos from LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

A German parrot seller trains his birds to talk by rote through listening to gramophone records, ca. 1935.